DJI Agras T20P Combo

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DJI Agras T20P

The T20P agricultural drone is a lightweight and foldable agricultural treatment system, offering high performance.

Supports a maximum load of 20 kg / 35 L. It is equipped with a dual atomization spray system , active phased array radar and binocular visual perception system, integrating aerial reconnaissance and flight protection. The Agras T20 is presented as a flight system with good value for money as it offers very high performance.

Being light and foldable , it is very suitable for work on small agricultural plots that are separated from each other.

The T20P adopts a four-rotor structure and a new inclined truss fuselage design, which can effectively reduce the volume ratio by 77% and can be easily handled by a single person. 

AGRAS T20P seed spreader module

Precise and effective double atomization sprinkler system.

Magnetic Drive Impeller Pump

The new magnetic transmission design allows liquid fertilizers/treatments to be completely isolated and have no contact with the aircraft engines, which are constructed of highly durable, anti-corrosive materials. The tanks and other components of the structure are quick-release by hand, making cleaning easier.

Double atomization centrifugal nozzle

Thanks to the secondary atomization dental spray disc structure, the droplets are more uniform and the utilization rate of pesticides is improved.

The Agras T20P is the first agricultural drone that equips a centrifugal valve that prevents the dripping of medicines , avoiding the burning of sprouts and small plants and contamination; managing to save medicines and protect the environment.

High efficiency sowing, notable for its speed and precision.

Spreading system with a maximum capacity of 25 kg. sowing and 20 kg. of fumigation liquid.

1 ton of fertilizer per hour
The T20P spreading system increases the load to 25 kg and has a capacity of up to 35 liters.

In-flight and real-time cargo weighing
The fuselage is equipped with a weighing sensor, which can capture the seeding amount and the remaining material amount in real time.

Quick release for washing.
The seed/fertilizer grain spreader can be assembled and disassembled in 3 minutes for washing and maintenance.


Omnidirectional perception allows for stable and safe flight

The active phased array radar integrates a binocular visual system with 360-degree omnidirectional perception for effective obstacle avoidance.

The obstacle detection/avoidance distance is up to 50 meters , it has intelligent ground mapping to overcome and evade multiple obstacles even in difficult terrain, such as trees, hills, orchard terraces…

The T20P integrates aerial reconnaissance and enhanced flight safety. It is equipped with an ultra high definition camera. The gimbal angle is adjustable and the field of view is always under the pilot’s control.

Images of farmland and orchard can be collected in real time, and remote control can be used to create maps locally without the need for a network, automatically identify plot boundaries and obstacles, and quickly plan operation routes of application of treatments in any agricultural scenario.

The Remote Control can process and make terrain maps without the need for a computer

Equipped with an 8-core processor, the Agras T20P can map up to 40 hectares of terrain in 10 minutes . Intelligent route planning reduces return flights when the depot is empty greatly improving operational efficiency.

The large screen of the remote control is 7 inches high brightness , allowing a double field of simultaneous vision. The physical buttons and controls are customizable for a better user experience.

DJI Agras T20P 8-core remote control

Smart agriculture ecosystem

Through the DJI agricultural cloud platform, P4M, P4R and agricultural unmanned aircraft, automatic field inspection operations , land leveling monitoring, emergency identification, growth analysis and variable prescription maps can be realized.

According to the full cycle growth of crops, with Phantom 4 multispectral version, combined with cropland prescription map, precise variable operations can be carried out, such as rice variable fertilization, cotton variable control, nutrient solution soybean and corn variable. and spraying cotton defoliant.


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