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Our purpose is to help people and organizations use drone technology safely, efficiently and innovatively. Therefore, we are dedicated to offering high-quality education to train highly competent drone pilots, as well as providing cutting-edge drone products and services that meet the highest standards of performance and safety, at affordable prices depending on each need.

Through our work, we seek to promote the responsible use of drones in various sectors, promoting operational excellence and contributing to technological progress and the positive transformation of industries at a local and global level.


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With flurry of
FAA approvals

With flurry of FAA approvals, many more drones are about to fly over U.S. skies This week, drone delivery company Zipline was granted Federal Aviation Administration approval to fly drones

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FAA authorizes UPS drone..

FAA authorizes UPS drone operations for parcels “This permit will avoid the need for expensive observers to monitor the airspace.” The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved the operation

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15:32 10 Mar 24
Excellent academy, the entire team is super professional, the classes are very entertaining and enjoyable, highly recommended to get your remote pilot license 107
Armando MArmando M
18:50 10 Feb 24
Taking the practical course with them was excellent, they explain everything very well and they also let you manipulate the equipment. They give you a good base of knowledge.
Erick MarquezErick Marquez
03:24 30 Nov 23
Excellent course, clear and precise. They give you all the information necessary to obtain your license.All doubts are immediately clarified in a professional manner. They relatively hold your hand until the end of the course.The logistics in the field at the time of practice, great.I congratulate you!!!
Jose MiguelJose Miguel
15:38 13 Nov 23
Top-notch training at USA Drone Academy Tampa - highly recommended!
Francisco MoyaFrancisco Moya
00:04 12 Nov 23
Excellent course, I recommend it 🙏🏻👍🏻
Renzo SciuttoRenzo Sciutto
17:09 01 Nov 23
Great courses (for beginners and professionals). Highly recommended.Drones for sale at good prices too.
Arquitectos TrazarqArquitectos Trazarq
03:39 31 Oct 23
Excellent attention here at USA Drone Tampa. They sell very good equipment, and the courses are very educational and practical.The real state filming service they provide is great!
Gustavo OrbegosoGustavo Orbegoso
02:09 11 Oct 23
Excellent opportunity to have a career in drones.
marite elias bresanimarite elias bresani
19:58 26 Sep 23
They are the best in all of Tampa and surrounding areas, super professional. The classes are excellent. They explain everything very well. I highly recommend them 👏🏼
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